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How You Can Help

One of the best ways to help right now is through a financial donation to the Westview Foundation.

Ways to Give to Westview Foundation

  • Cash Donations – help with both immediate and long term needs.
  • Marketable Securities – gifts of highly appreciated securities (I.e. stocks) may be given with substantially reduced after-tax cost.
  • Real Estate – due to the avoidance of capital gains tax, real property is frequently used to make a charitable gift.
  • Tangible Personal Property – appreciated property is increasingly being used to make gifts to charity.
  • Life Insurance – When Westview Foundation is named as owner and beneficiary, a deduction applies equal to the cost basis of the policy or its replacement (whichever is less.) This is a wonderful way of making a significant gift.
  • Wills – Naming Westview Foundation in your will as part of your life gift.

Please Mail Your Gift To:

Westview Foundation
PO Box 714
Hollis, OK 73550
(580) 688-3608

Giving Matters

Tips You Should Know When Making a Contribution

Your canceled check may not be adequate documentation for a gift given to charity.

If the gift is:

$250.00 or More – A receipt from the charity is required. The receipt must document the nature and amount of the gift. Benefits other than intangible ones must be reported.

$500 – $4,999 (non-monetary gifts) A receipt plus IRS Form 8283 (provided by the charity) is required.

$5,000 and Up – (non-monetary gifts) A qualified appraisal must be obtained for the property contributed along with the receipt and IRS Form 8283.

Donate Securely