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About Us

Our Mission

The Westview Foundation shall seek, responsibly invest and distribute charitable gifts to insure the present and future success of the Westview Boys’ Home, Inc. Westview Foundation continually will strive to increase public awareness of the needs of children through education programs and shall provide services which offer interested individuals opportunities to assist children in need through effective stewardship.


Westview Foundation was established in 1994 as a nonprofit corporation. Its purpose is to assist in ministering to families and children through the Westview Boys’ Home and its programs – foreign and domestic.

As an organization advocating quality, residential care for children in need, Westview Foundation offers persons a means of providing perpetual support to facilities like the Westview Boys’ Home and other similar facilities around the world.

In addition it will assist other child care, relief and family organizations while striving to increase public awareness of these and other programs.

Making a Difference in Young Lives

Throughout the world, many children are hurting. Many have been orphaned, abandoned, abused or neglected. They suffer from many forms of physical distress, heartache and pain. Who will help these children? Who will make a difference in their tender young lives. Thanks to the loving support Westview Foundation receives from caring individuals, like you, we are able to assist children in need.

Westview Foundation Helps in a Variety of Ways

  • We assist in the delivery of food to hungry children.
  • We provide training for child care workers in various locations throughout the western hemisphere.
  • We provide for the continuing education of needy children through services that include the funding of higher education through scholarships.
  • We provide financial support for pre-selected programs that touch children’s lives.