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“It’s all about the children.”

Ruby Wilson for article“What is the value of a child’s life, of his soul? God says it is worth more than the whole world.  We have the responsibility to reach out to children who do not have the resources to help themselves, especially boys that have grown up at Westview Boys’ Home.  The Westview Foundation began as a resource to help young men attain an education as well as training for their life beyond high school.  The Foundation is an integral component of the process in preparing young men for an independent, self-sufficient and productive life.  The realization that many of our boys come from a disadvantaged background, makes it important that we equip them with the tools, education and the skills that are necessary to become contributors to society with the ability to provide for themselves and their families.

Preparation for a productive life and the drive for a leadership role in one’s community demands education and training.  The Westview Foundation’s very existence thrives on inspiring young men to prepare for responsible positions as adults.

Having worked at Westview Boys’ Home for nearly 30 years, now retired, and being a charter member of the Westview Foundation, I have witnessed the importance of the steady guidance and training necessary in the preparation for adult life.  This country and the brotherhood of Jesus Christ needs strong, dedicated men as examples for others to follow.  Join us in providing a clear path for these young men.”

– Ruby Wilson

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